Sunday Service 

Our service begins at 10.30am with an item by the worship team, usually focussing on our younger members. There is a welcome, announcement, collection of tithes and prayer time after which there is a further time of praise and worship, followed by a message or sermon.  The service usually finishes around 11:35 to 11:45am. After the service people often stay for a cup of tea or coffee and conversation with friends and new people.


At Crossroads Church we value prayer. We have a time of prayer before each service to cover all involved. Everyone is welcome to join and participate at this time of prayer in the JAM room from 10.00 to 10.10am every Sunday morning.

If you wish to join in prayer at one of our weekly prayer groups:

  • West Gate, meet at 10am on Wednesdays. Contact Faye Brough for more information, or
  • East Gate, meet at 11am on Thursdays. Contact John Killick for more information.


At “Jesus and Me,” we aim to help 3-6 year olds understand their Great Big God! We build a solid foundation in Christian living through simple age appropriate activities, songs, prayer, bible readings, games and crafts. We work to encourage empathy, generosity, kindness and love.

Our young JAM team are successfully involved in charitable projects. We are small, but mighty in His name!

Every Sunday, after Updates until the service ends. Term time only.

Kids Church 

Children are precious to God therefore they are precious to us. Our KidsChurch team consists of an amazing group of passionate leaders and helpers who care for your children, ages 7-12 years, and support parents in their role of growing the faith of the children. Each Sunday children connect with Christ in a creative and safe environment, we also celebrate milestones like birthdays and achievements.

We gather together for a time of worship singing, large group lessons and activities, then children join their peer group for inspiring discussion. Every Sunday, after Updates until the service ends. Term time only.

Made In His Image

Being a teenager is hard, High school is hard, relationships with friends and family can become more challenging and self doubt and insecurities can begin to creep in. This is a time when faith can be the anchor to our lives. Our faith in Christ gives us identity and purpose amidst our failures and disappointments. Our relationship with Jesus should be the deepest and most satisfying relationship we have, which in turn helps us face the challenges life throws at us.

This group is a place for young ladies to grow in their love and understanding of Jesus. A place to be able to ask hard questions in a safe environment and a place to challenge and extend their  faith. The girls will learn about their identity in God and will have opportunities to share and encourage one another in their journey of faith,  speaking truth and life into each other.

High school age girls meet every last Sunday of each month, after worship.